How to Teach Kids about Responsible Waste Removal

How to Teach Kids about Responsible Waste Removal

  1. Make Your Own Recyclables

Crafts: Making crafts from recycled items is fun and educational. You can do it at home or in a classroom, and it makes an engaging and fun rainy day activity. There are tons of websites devoted to teaching you how to make crafts from trash and repurpose items in your home with creativity. Here is one website ben and jerry that will help you find out more about the rubbish disposal process in detail.

  • Make Your Own Recycling Bins. Choose your own waste disposal and recycling bins, and then spend a day decorating them however the kids want. Then, each day, allow the kids to recycle the items while you supervise. Eventually, this will become a habit for them, and they won’t even think to throw away recyclable items such as bottles and cans.

  1. Play interesting games
  • Green Games:

Have a field day where each game is centered around concepts like responsible rubbish removal, waste recycling, reusing, and composting.

  • Recycle Relay:

Set up recycling bins in a grassy area, then have teams of kids run to the bins, deposit an item into the correct one, and race back to tag a teammate. The first team to correctly recycle all the items wins. You can make it a bit more challenging by adding a “compost” bin as well.

  1. Have a Composter On Premises

Whether it’s at school, at home, or in your babysitting establishment, have a composter on hand and ask the kids to help you compost. You can quiz them by lining up a bunch of trash items and asking them to compost the correct ones. Day by day they will learn what is compostable and what is truly trash and what can be put in the waste removal heap.

  1. Take Responsible Outings
  • Pick up litter. Go to a park or beach and pick up all the trash. Bring bags, gloves, and pointed sticks (if that works for the age group). While you do this, explain how certain items can be harmful to the birds, fish and mammals in the area, and explain how you’re helping save those species from harm. Make waste collection fun by measuring how many bags of trash you pick up each day, and take photos. Then at the end, compare your first day photo with your last day photo to observe the difference you made! Bonus: If you happen to get quite a few bottles and cans, take another trip to the recycling center when you’re finished.
  • Visit an Earth Science Museum. Take an outing to a Natural History museum, to learn about the flora and fauna, as well as see some fascinating scientific developments. When the kids’ interest is captured by cool sights and sounds, they will be more apt to learn. Natural History museums often have exhibits which discuss man’s impact on the environment. This will make their waste clearance experience more pleasant and fun.
  1. Reinforcement

Read kids bedtime stories which pertain to environmental awareness. Dr. Seuss’ classic book The Lorax, explores environmentalism and the consequences of mankind’s destruction of the Earth. The Little Green Books from Simon & Schuster are also fun books for these topics.

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